Accepted Papers
(LADC Main Track)

Using Stratified Sampling for Fault Injection
Regina Moraes (CESET/UNICAMP, Brazil), Eliane Martins (IC/UNICAMP, Brazil), Elaine C. Catapani Poletti, Naaliel Vicente Mendes (CESET/UNICAMP, Brazil)

A Methodology for the Automated Identification of Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Executable Software Without Source-code
João Durães (ISEC/CISUC, Portugal), Henrique Madeira (DEI/CISUC, Portugal)

Quantitative Evaluation of Distributed Algorithms using the Neko Framework: the NekoStat Extension
Lorenzo Falai, Andrea Bondavalli (Univ. di Firenze, Italy), Felicita Di Giandomenico (ISTI CNR, Italy)

Airborne Software Concerns in Civil Aviation Certification
Benedito Sakugawa, Edson Cury (IFI/CTA, Brazil), Edgar Toshiro Yano (ITA/CTA, Brazil)

A Method for Modeling and Testing Exceptions in Component-Based Software Development
Patrick Henrique da S. Brito, Camila Ribeiro Rocha, Fernando Castor Filho, Eliane Martins, Cecilia M. Fischer Rubira (IC/UNICAMP, Brazil)

Verifying Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems using Object-Based Graph Grammars
Fernando L. Dotti, Odorico M. Mendizabal (PUCRS, Brazil), Osmar M. dos Santos (University of York, UK)

The Zerberus Language: Describing the Functional Model of Dependable Real-Time Systems
Christian Buckl, Alois Knoll, Gerhard Schrott (TU München, Germany)

Soft Error Mitigation in Cache Memories of Embedded Systems by Means of a Protected Scheme
H.R. Zarandi, S.G. Miremadi (Sharif Univ. of Technology, Iran)

On the Effects of Errors During Boot
Mário Zenha-Rela (Univ. of Coimbra, Portugal), João Carlos Cunha (DEIS/ISEC, Portugal), Carlos Bruno Silva (Univ.of Coimbra, Portugal), Luís Ferreira da Silva (DEIS/ISEC, Portugal)

A Fault Tolerant Approach to Object Oriented Design and Synthesis of Embedded Systems
Mahdi Fazeli, Reza Farivar, Shahin Hesabi, Ghasem Miremadi (Sharif Univ. of Technology, Iran)

Scheduling Fixed-Priority Hard Real-Time Tasks in the Presence of Faults
George Lima (LaSiD/DCC/UFBA, Brazil), Alan Burn (Univ. of York, UK)

On the Monitoring Period for Fault-Tolerant Sensor Networks Filipe Araujo, Luis Rodrigues (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Adapting Failure Detectors to Communication Network Load Fluctuations Using SNMP and Artificial Neural Nets
Fábio Lima, Raimundo Macêdo (LaSiD/DCC/UFBA, Brazil)

Parsimony-Based Approach for Obtaining Resource-Efficient and Trustworthy Execution
HariGovind Ramasamy, Adnan Agbaria, William Sanders (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

Generating Fast Atomic Commit from Hyperfast Consensus
Fabíola Gonçalves Pereira Greve (DCC/UFBA, Brazil), Jean-Pierre Le Narzul (GET/ENST-Bretagne and IRISA, France)

Group-based Replication of On-line Transaction Processing Servers
Alfranio Correia Jr., Antonio Sousa, Luis Soares, Jose Pereira, Francisco Moura, Rui Oliveira (Univ. of Minho, Portugal)


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