SAREK* - A Reliable Web Services Composition Framework

Summary. SAREK is a modified and enhanced version of SPOC [1], where its internal architecture has been re-designed and fault-tolerant mechanisms introduced in order to attain highly available compositions. The architecture of SAREK[2] is divided into two major modules: the Planner and the Executor. The first module, the Planner, aims to automatically determine the activities for a given composition. The Executor module executes the composition defined by the Planner activating alternative execution paths when necessary (due to failure of composite services). The modules are interrelated and they communicate themselves. The output parameters of the Planner module are the input parameters for the Executor module. Figure 1 depicts SAREK with both modules and their interrelations.


Research Team:
Daniela Barreiro Claro
Raimundo José de Araújo Macêdo

Main results:
Up to now SAREK is the first framework that provides fault-tolerant guarantees in service compositions based on semantic replication. We are now starting the transaction phase and improving our replication mechanism.

[3]Personalized Reliable Web service Compositions
Daniela Barreiro Claro. Oriana Licchelli, Patrick Albers, Raimundo José de Araújo Macêdo
In Proceedings of 3rd Workshop on Ontologies and their Applications (WONTO 2008) held in conjunction with 19th Brazilian Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (SBIA2008)
Salvador, Bahia, October 2008.

[2]Dependable Web Service Compositions using a Semantic Replication Scheme
Daniela Barreiro Claro, Raimundo José de Araújo Macêdo
In Anais do XXVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos (SBRC 2008)
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[1]A Framework for Automatic Composition of RFQ Web Services
Daniela Barreiro Claro, Patrick Albers and Jin-Kao Hao
In IEEE Proceedings of the First Workshop on Web Service Composition and Adaptation (WSCA) held in conjunction with International Conference of Web Services (ICWS'07) IEEE SCW 2007: 221-228
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Installation Guide:
Softwares: Apache Tomcat, Apache axis-1_3, Java 1.5, Jena-2.3, owl-s-1.1.0-beta, MySQL 5.0
All *.jar must be in the classpath. The startup file is

The SAREK prototype source files are available to be downloaded. All source files are compacted into a RAR format. The SAREK prototype can be only used for academical purposes taking into account all author's rights. Any kind of commercial distribution of SAREK is allowed.

If you agree with the above conditions to use SAREK, put your name and a valid email and click on "I agree" to be redirected to the download.

Any doubt, please send an email to: sarekframework[at]gmail[dot]com

* In the fictional Star Trek universe, Sarek is a Vulcan ambassador, and father of Spock.